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OK,  I know making ratatouille is not really baking.  However, it is vegan and it is gluten free.  It’s also quite delicious!  My daughter had been bugging me about making ratatouille ever since the movie came out.  I went on the internet (of course) and found lots of recipes.  The one I chose was beautiful and easy.  Here’s the link to Ratatouille’s Ratatouille.  I have to admit I didn’t have a mandoline, so went to Wal-Mart and got one for $20.  Be forewarned, the blade is very sharp!  I cut myself washing it.

I didn’t have any ‘tomato puree’, so just threw some tomatoes from my yard into a blender and hit the puree button.  I also put minced garlic on the bottom, not sliced garlic cloves.  I happened to have a jar of minced garlic in my fridge.  I got a Chinese eggplant from the grocery store – it’s thin like a zucchini.

I also have to admit that the picture is not from me.  I found it on Google, but it looks very similar to the one I made.  We ate all ours before I realized I should have taken a picture!

We sprinkled it with some shredded cheese (not vegan, I know) and ate it with some fresh French bread.  YUMMY!


Babycakes Brownie Bites II

So, last night I made the recipe that was on Martha Stewart’s website.  I had to laugh because I actually had arrowroot starch in my cupboard!  However, I don’t think this recipe is much better than the last one.  In fact, I didn’t even take any pictures.  They still had a gummy texture.  I did think the baked brownies tasted much better than the batter!  I think it’s the garbanzo/fava bean flour I’m not fond of.  I think it leaves an ‘earthy’ aftertaste.  The tops didn’t seem to separate from the body, so that’s an improvement.  I think I’ll try it again, but with a different gluten-free flour mixture.

Babycakes Brownie Bites

plate full of babycakes brownie bites

I made my first batch of Babycakes Brownie Bites the other day. I got it from an older posting of Food & Wine (September 2006).

top off

I would have to say they were just OK. The tops had a nice, crunchy texture; but the insides were cakey, crumbly, and gummy. The tops kept separating from the rest of the brownie.

pan without PAM

I never did figure that one out. I also forgot to spray the muffin pan with PAM, so they stuck a little. My 16-year-old daughter thought they were great – but she didn’t like the tops. I thought that was funny, because I thought the tops were the best part. Between the two of us we ate most of them. LOL!

I discovered there is another Babycakes Brownie Bites recipe floating around. It’s on Martha Stewart’s website. I’ll have to try that one next and see how it goes.

Baking 101

I got a wild idea one day to come up with a gluten-free brownie that would taste so fantastic people would suggest that I start a baking business.  The reason I selected gluten-free is because my sister has a sensitivity to gluten.  I figured that there probably was an untapped market out there for really good gluten-free baked goods. 

Then I went one step further and decided to combine gluten-free with vegan.  That was much more difficult that gluten-free.  I haven’t given up on vegan yet; I just have to get more time to experiment.

I’ve never been much of a baker, but I thought it couldn’t be that hard.  I’ve made my fair share of chocolate chip cookies and cakes from a mix.  I have discovered that being a truly successful baker is much more difficult than I realized.  This will definitely be a journey down a path that’s more treacherous than I imagined.



This is my first post on my newly created blog.  I’ll be writing about my adventures with gluten-free and/or vegan baking.  It will be a learning experience for me and hopefully you’ll learn something as we go down this trail together.  I’m planning to take photos and post them as well.  So enjoy the ride and follow along as I share my successes and failures.  I have to warn you – blogging is also a new experience for me, so you can follow my successes and failures in that arena too!